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@Thoughts: My web dev toolbox

21 September 2015

Operating System stuff

  • Ubuntu Mate as my dev machine host
  • Several virtual machines:
    • Android x86
    • Mac OS X / XCode iPhone Simulator
    • Windows 7 with IE9
    • Windows XP with IE8
    • Vagrant Scotch Box (ubuntu server with apache webserver)
    • Vagrant VVV (ubuntu server with nginx webserver)

Other software I use daily

  • Bower to easily manage my dependencies
  • Git because I need to keep track of things, and git is great at doing that
  • Gulp to automate stuff like minification and watch / refresh cycles
  • Tilda because it's the best drop-down terminal there is
  • Tmux because I like it better than screen and it feels like a tiling WM
  • Vagrant for quickly spinning up pre-configured virtual environments
  • Vim for all my coding needs, remote and local
  • Virtual Box as the basis for my Vagrant setup (see above)
  • Weinre for cross-device testing and debugging

My development hardware

  • Thinkpad X230 as my main development machine
  • Various brands of smartphones and tablets for on-device testing