My current setup (as of early 2018)

  • Elitebook 840 G5, 32GB RAM, Intel i5-8250U

    • Manjaro 18.04 as my host OS
  • Thinkpad T470, 32GB RAM, Intel i5-7200U

    • Ubuntu 18.04 as my host OS

With hundreds if not thousands of unique device-browser-combinations potentially accessing a web application it is not feasible to have all those physical devices at hand or even virtualize locally if you are not in the business to do so anyway.

So instead of having an ever growing number of virtual machines, I decided to move my testing to browserstack. They offer real and virtual device testing in both manual and automated modes. They can even route your local webserver through their service, which is nice.

For supporting a small set of legacy apps still have the following virtual machines at hand:

  • Vagrant Scotch Box (ubuntu server with apache webserver)
  • Vagrant VVV (ubuntu server with nginx webserver)

Software I use on a daily basis

  • Jetbrains Webstorm
  • Nvim
  • Tilda (Ubuntu) or Yakuake (Manjaro)
  • Tmux
  • VSCode

My previous setup

Host and guest operating systems

  • Ubuntu Mate as my host OS
  • Several virtual guest machines:
    • Android x86
    • Mac OS X / XCode iPhone Simulator
    • Windows 7 with IE9
    • Windows XP with IE8
    • Vagrant Scotch Box (ubuntu server with apache webserver)
    • Vagrant VVV (ubuntu server with nginx webserver)

Other software I use daily

  • Bower to easily manage my dependencies
  • Git because I need to keep track of things, and git is great at doing that
  • Gulp to automate stuff like minification and watch / refresh cycles
  • Tilda because it's the best drop-down terminal there is
  • Tmux because I like it better than screen and it feels like a tiling WM
  • Vagrant for quickly spinning up pre-configured virtual environments
  • Vim for all my coding needs, remote and local
  • Virtual Box as the basis for my Vagrant setup (see above)
  • Weinre for cross-device testing and debugging

My development hardware

  • Thinkpad X230 as my main development machine
  • Various brands of smartphones and tablets for on-device testing