1. Work on your health. Being in better physical shape makes it easier to take such things in stride.

  2. Look to your health in the moment as well. While raising special needs kids, I learned that a glass of water, something to eat and/or a short nap was often the difference between losing my shit and continuing to rise to the occasion. So, stop, go to the break room and take care of yourself for 5 minutes. Then deal with it.

  3. Journal and work on the person in the mirror. Often, things get a rise out of us more because of baggage from the past than because of how bad it really is right now.

  4. Do volunteer work in something that exposes you to problems that get a big reaction out of you. Having perspective can be very valuable for keeping your cool in the face of stressful work situations. If you deal with life threatening, messy problems on the weekend as a volunteer, most problems that come up in an office job just won't get past your callouses enough to get under your skin.

  5. Educate yourself on how to effectively solve various problems. Knowing you can fix it is probably the single biggest source of calm in the face of a tempest. So up your game. Figure out what your weak areas are and start filling them in.